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10 Ways to be Kate

I show you an insight into my mind 5 days a week, but there are still plenty of things about me that you don’t know. So here we go – 10 things about me that you (probably) don’t know.

kate mitchell

[ONE] I consider myself to be weird.

quotes about being weird

[TWO] I’ve been reading since I was 3.

[THREE] When I was 10, I flipped over my handlebars. Almost 13 years later, the scars have almost entirely faded, but I used to have 4 from that incident alone. WEAR A HELMET, PEOPLE.

[FOUR] Speaking of scars, I have 6 scars on my left ankle alone.

[FIVE] Up until high school, I played field hockey and softball. I did a lot of skiing until about that time, as well.

[SIX] I grew up playing violin, viola, and flute.

[SEVEN] I refuse to accept the idea that I will be anything but successful in life.

quotes about success

[EIGHT] I frequently plan out my blog posts 1-3 weeks in advance … and then only follow through on like 2 of them.

[NINE] I want to learn more about graphic design.

[TEN] I constantly remind myself that there is a reason why I’ve dealt with what I have.

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