A Bunch of Random Bits and Pieces

I’m in the middle of finals (hence no post yesterday) so I thought I would just pop in today with a whole bunch of random thoughts.


I’ve currently written over 13 pages for one of my papers, which is on Jonathan Swift, so if you’ve seen me talk about him on Twitter or seen my book of his writing on Instagram, that’s why.

My other paper is on a 16th century play and much shorter (12-15 pages instead of 18-20), so that will feel like a breeze once the first one is done and turned in.

Also, we’re moving. In two weeks. So once I finish finals, I start packing and Christmas shopping and cleaning … and then we’re going to Maine for Christmas! I’m so excited to be up there for almost a week.

But I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go on a writing spree after Christmas. My second novel (which I refer to as TLM) is about halfway through and I want to get a solid first draft finished. So, if I do that as planned, I will be talking about that a whole lot more once we get there.

Oh, and I’m taking a short vacation around Christmas. If you want to write a guest post for then, email me at I’d love to have you!

Apparently Kim and Kanye named their second baby Saint West. Pretty equal with North West, in my opinion, but definitely better than naming their child after an Instagram filter.

Speaking of Instagram, I’m almost at 1,000 followers! I’d love if you would follow me!

I’m starting to accidentally use academic speak in a lot of my daily life thanks to my papers. It’s kinda problematic.

On a more serious note, I have no idea why assault rifles, semi-automatics, etc. are still so easily accessed. There have been more mass shootings this year in the USA than there have been days. And yet Congress is more worried about Planned Parenthood – which provides health services to women – than legislating them. It’s hard to be proud to be an American with messed up priorities like that.

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