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40 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Out of blog post ideas? Starting your blog? Trying to be a better blogger? Wherever you are in your blogging journey, these posts will help you. And make sure you scroll to the bottom to check out my other posts with post ideas!

40 Blog Post Idea

1. The best restaurants in your area

2. Reasons why you do or don’t like a popular TV show or musical act

3. Best and/or worst parts about where you live

4. A list of things to do in your town, city, or state in a specific month or season

5. What do you love about your sports team?

6. How to have the perfect weekend

7. Pick a current event and take a stand on it (or take the Current Events in One Sentence Challenge!)

8. The must-have products for ______ (school, blogging, parents, college students, whatever!)

9. Do you like some of the current fashion trends?

10. What does your style look like?

11. What do you splurge or save on?

12. What items do you use for blogging (computer, camera, phone, planner, etc.)?

13. Share a playlist of your playlist music – you can do this for free with Spotify

14. What weird things did you believe when you were younger?

15. Your favorite and/or least favorite things about a holiday

16. Advice for someone starting something you have already done, like high school, college, the job search, marriage, etc.

17. What are your favorite emojis?

18. What you wish someone told you before doing something

19. Do you have a cause that you are passionate about? What is it and why?

20. What were your firsts (first concert, first car, first job, first big purchase, etc.)?

Want more blog post ideas?

21. Who or what inspires you at something?

22. What a certain holiday means to you

23. The hidden treasures in your town, city, or state

24. What made you decide to go into the field you are in?

25. Do you believe in paranormal activities? Why or why not?

26. We all know that a lot of online images of people (like bloggers) are curated. So what does your uncurated image look like?

27. If you have a health problem that you mention, how did you get diagnosed? What has your journey look like?

28. Why did you start a blog?

29. What has your blogging journey looked like?

30. What are your life goals?

31. Apple or Android?

32. Your wishlist from a store, a sale, a holiday, etc.

33. Share an embarrassing or funny story (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else)

34. What pop culture thing – show, trend, award show, whatever – do you not get why people like it?

35. Share a photo tour of your hometown

36. The best/worst thing about ______

37. Share your thoughts on an election or political concern

38. What are you really good or really bad at?

39. What’s your favorite genre of books or movies? Why?

40. Which accounts are your favorite ones to follow on a certain social media platform? Why?

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