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9 Reasons Why Tailwind Is Worth the Money

If you’re a blogger or creative entrepreneur, you probably already know that Pinterest is a great tool to drive traffic. Last month, Pinterest caused 48.78% of my blog’s sessions – aka Pinterest is an amazing tool that is absolutely necessary. Of course, you can’t only share links or images to your site, as you need a Pinterest profile with more than that in order for more people to follow you. Plus, you don’t want to spend a lot of time sitting at your computer sharing things on Pinterest. One of the great tools out there to help you schedule Pinterest shares even if you’re not at your computer is Tailwind.

You should know that Tailwind is not free (although you can try it for a month for free). But it is oh-so-worth the money! The program I was using before wasn’t always posting the pins I had scheduled and their customer service was terrible; in that case, the fact that it was real cheap made loads of sense because I got what I paid for. The same idea applies here, too – my account is $120 a year, and I’ve never once regretted signing up.

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If you're a blogger or creative entrepreneur looking for a great way to schedule your social media posts to Pinterest, you should check out Tailwind. Here are 9 reasons why it's worth the money aka why I love it oh so much.

1. There’s a scheduler tool – While this is a common aspect of social media scheduling tools (obviously, given the realm they’re in), I find it much more helpful than other tools I’ve tried. It’s more reliable than others I’ve tried, too!

2. Which allows you to schedule pins before a blog post is live – As long as you have an image and a link, you can schedule the post ahead of time, which is incredibly helpful if you’re not going to be available to promote the post when it goes live.

3. You can schedule pins to multiple boards at the same time – Let’s say that you’re a blogger and you have a new post, but you don’t want to a) pin the same image to multiple boards all at once and b) have to remember to go back and pin the image later to another board. When you schedule a pin, you can choose multiple boards at once – and the interval tool let’s you schedule the posts to happen at different times when you click the schedule button.

4. It tells you the best times to post to your boards – This is both in the interval tool that I just mentioned as well as in the schedule itself. In the interval tool, once you’ve established when the first post will happen and how long at a minimum you want to be in between posts, you can click “optimize” and the time for each post will change to be at the best possible time for your pins. In the schedule itself, Tailwind can suggest times to publish based on Pinterest trends.

9 Reasons Why Tailwind Is Worth the Money

This is part of my current schedule. See the +5:10 PM with the dotted lines around it? This is a suggested schedule time from Tailwind.

5. You can monitor your domain – Ever wonder what kind of activity your site has on Pinterest beyond the images that you post yourself? Now you can find out without searching for yourself on Pinterest. The specific pins being shared, potential impressions, visits, referral traffic, etc., can be viewed from your account.

Why you should use Tailwind to schedule social media posts on Pinterest ( and why it's worth the money)

6. The pin inspector tool helps you understand the trends of your pins – There are a couple reasons why this is helpful. First, you can sort this by repins, likes, and more, so you can get a feel for which pins are the most popular in those different areas. Second, it gives you the options to reschedule the pin or find similar content, both of which could result in an increase of followers or attention to the pin. Third, you can look at pins from one specific category, one specific board, or your website. Plus, if you check out the stats for the pins from your site, you can get a feel for the type of images that are most popular from your site (and then you can make more of them) as well as the content.

9 Reasons Why Tailwind Is Worth the Money

The Pin Inspector tool

7. You can pin from your Instagram – Woohoo! Easy pinning without uploading the image to Pinterest or Tailwind itself.

8. The app makes it easy to schedule pins from your phone – Basically, you download the Tailwind app and when you want to pin something from the Pinterest app, you click the send button instead of pin. Then, you “send” it to Tailwind, where you schedule it.

9. You can get email summaries – You can get daily, weekly, and monthly emails summarizing the traffic and notifications, including follows, repins, and clicks. It’s very helpful in understanding your profile and what your audience likes.

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Have you tried Tailwind?

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