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A Good Review Changes Everything

So, I’ll admit it: I’ve been feeling a little sorry for myself recently because Aureole wasn’t doing as well as I wanted. Hey, I’m a 21-year-old fulfilling a life-long dream, okay? It’s a little hard when your dreams don’t take off the way you wanted them to.

I absolutely begged some of my family and friends to write reviews so that readers who didn’t know me would want to buy it. But they all had jobs and extremely busy summers, and only 2 were able to actually do it. Don’t get me wrong – I did (and do) really appreciate that those 2 were able to write reviews. It really is important!

But then today I checked out the Amazon page for Aureole and, lo and behold, found the best review I could possibly imagine. Oh, and the best part? It wasn’t written by someone I know.

It complemented the plot, the characters, the allusions, and even the author. Of course, it wasn’t perfect (Jess’ personality does put some people on edge), but it was wonderful. And it made me completely revitalized and ready to keep pushing forward. Like I said, I’ve been frustrated with the low number of sales and people not emailing me back about the virtual book tour, but now I feel like I’m ready to charge forward.

Thanks, Madeleine from Texas. I appreciated your thoughts more than you can ever understand.


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