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An Open Letter to Menu Writers

Dear Writers of Restaurant Menus,
I understand that you have many different tasks at hand. You want customers to order the food, to be enticed by the food. But you also don’t want the menu to get any more cluttered than it already is. As a result, certain things get left out of most descriptions, especially when it comes to what the meal is garnished with.
As someone with very important food sensitivities, though, I see a problem with this. For example, if I eat dairy, my body responds negatively. There is some stomach pain because my body isn’t used to digesting it any more, but even worse is the massive amount of joint pain caused by consuming it. So when you don’t advertise that a meal is garnished with cheese or (as the case with my brunch on Sunday) sour cream, then we have a problem. 
Yes, I can wipe it off of try and eat around it. But do you know how nearly impossible this is? I can’t avoid it entirely when I eat. 
How can you solve this problem? Simply add a few words: “garnished with ________”

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