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Apartment Decorating – 1 Step Closer

I’ve only been living in this apartment for 4 whole months but my bedroom is finally starting to come together. It is pretty much a disaster zone right now, but that will start to change soon because …
I finally got a desk!
This might not seem like much, but a desk so I can set up a home office space is wicked exciting to me. I need a place to plan, grade, write, and blog that isn’t my couch, dining room table (roommate, I’m really, really sorry that it’s covered in papers), or bed. I’ve had my eye on some desks for literally months, and the price on one in Target finally dropped. It’s white, significantly higher quality than their RE furniture line, and the perfect size for my room. Now all I need is for someone else to carry it from my car to my apartment, to clear out the space for it, and to set it up! Easy peasy. 
Here are some pins that will be inspiring me as I get my work space organized and decorated. 

All of these and more can be found under my Apartment Decorating board on Pinterest. Follow me! (PS – like me on Facebook, too!)

Do you have a desk – especially a white one? How do you organize/decorate it?

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