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This weekend, I saw some people I hadn’t seen in a while, and they of course asked how school was going. Among other things, I brought up how excited I am to be 3 weeks away from spring break. Of course, I was then asked what I will be doing over my 2 weeks off.

The biggest thing (other than grading) is: writing. And that brings me to today’s post – a day in the life of an author who doesn’t have to go to work at a normal job. (Note: this is how I do life when writing is my only focus, like during breaks from school. Other authors probably do things differently.) (Double note: I didn’t make any of these and found them by using Google.)

8 AM

Gooood morning!

So excited to write! Yeah!

But first … coffee. Don’t talk to me before coffee.

Okay. Social media time. Emails, Twitter, Facebook. Read blogs. Comment on blogs. Make sure that my scheduled post went out, and so did the corresponding scheduled social media posts. 

Yoga time! 

I really, really wish I could do this pose.

Time for writing. Gotta hit my word count of the day (usually 2,000-4,000).

No, seriously, self. YOU GOTTA WRITE!

… writing … one … word … every … minute …

Oh, there’s my writing genius. About time!

… How is it 1 PM already? Time for lunch!

I’ve earned some free social media time after all that hard work. 

I haven’t hit my word count goal of the day yet. That means that it’s 

Hmm, I should do blog stuff. Time to write tomorrow’s blog post, respond to emails, schedule social media posts, etc.. 

Ugh. I’ve been on the computer for SO. LONG. Time to go for a walk, run errands, get coffee, meet up with a friend, go to the gym, etc. I’m so sick of [insert wherever I have been writing here]!

Now that that’s done, do I know what I’m writing tomorrow? How much I need to write? Is my outline updated? How am I progressing in my outline? 

At some point I eat dinner. And of course, throughout the day, I’m listening to music 

and on my phone, tweeting and texting.

It can be a LOT of work. But, in the wise words of Blair Waldorf, 

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