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Bar Harbor to Boston to Nashville

As I’m sure you’ve heard already, it has been an insanely busy week for me! Here is what I’ve been up to since last Saturday (holy moly, only 7 days!).

Pearls and Curls

I was in Bar Harbor, Maine last weekend. So beautiful!

Piper helped me pack to fly to Nashville when I was in Boston.
My sister gave me this adorable card and a going-away present. She’s the cutest.
Going-away breakfast! Apple spice gluten-free waffles, coconut milk vanilla ice cream, and hot fudge.
Piper came to the airport with us.
When I was in Walmart in Nashville, I saw that one of the photo frames they were selling had these starter pictures. Why was it Insta-worthy? Well this lighthouse is in the town I grew up in back in Maine! I lived 10-15 minutes away from here. 
I found this at the TJ Maxx in Bangor a month ago and had to get it for my apartment. Now it’s hanging on my wall to inspire me through my first year of teaching!

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-12at83901AM_zpsfbca4448.png

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