The Beauty Secrets of the Stars

It’s not surprising that some people think that there is some Illuminati conspiracy that explains why the stars look so good. They seem to have beauty beyond that which their years would allow. But it’s not because they have some exclusive access to the fountain of youth and that we mere mortals are left out in the cold. No, it’s because they’ve done their homework and know what to do to stay looking youthful and gorgeous.

Thanks to the internet, their beauty secrets are no longer so secret. Here is the best advice out there to give us regular women a leg up!

Clarify Your Hair

The stars tend to have beautiful hair. But I would contend that it’s not so much the products that they use, but the products that they successfully remove. Don’t get me wrong; there’s a time and a place for hair products. But over time, those products start to build up a residue. And that residue is what is responsible for unmanageable and coarse hair. It can also lead to scalp problems and dandruff. The advice, therefore, is to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week.

Top Coat Nails

Nail varnish has a habit of breaking and chipping off just when you don’t want it to. But do not fear, there is a solution. After you’ve painted your nails, apply a quick top coat. Then add another once they’re dry. This will make the nail polish less prone to chipping and help it last longer.


Perfume is a great way to improve your allure. But the stars never just douse themselves in it. They apply it in subtle quantities for maximum impact.

Often we end up putting on way too much perfume because our olfactory sense has been desensitized. That’s why you shouldn’t apply perfume until you can smell it. You should apply a fixed amount on your wrists, knees, and base of the throat.


It might sound cliched, but everybody looks more appealing and attractive when they’re wearing a smile. No it’s not a beauty secret as such, but it’s a surefire way to make yourself more magnetic.

Consult A Specialist

You might want to try an aesthetic and beauty clinic and ask them about what particular beauty strategies you should adopt. Every woman is different and has different concerns. Consultants should be able to advise you on the best products based on your skin type, age and face shape.

Swap Out the Diet Pills for a Healthy Diet

There’s a reason we never hear the end of Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet. It works. But it doesn’t work because of how expensive or weird it is. It works because her diet is ultimately just whole food.

Too many people opt for the easier alternative: pills. But tablets have been shown to be ineffective in long term studies time and time again. The stars swear by a healthy diet, and so should you.

Quit Towel Drying Your Hair

Rubbing a towel all over wet hair will just cause it to frizz up. A far better strategy is to squeeze out the water and then rest it on a towel.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

Old makeup and bacteria make a yucky combination. But worse still, they can cause breakouts all over your face as bacteria enters your pores.

To avoid this, make sure that you clean your makeup brushes regularly. Right now, you can purchase brush cleaners from most drug and beauty stores, or you can do it yourself with regular shampoo.

Moisturise Daily

Most women use far too much moisturizer and forget that it takes about ten minutes to settle into their skin. The trick with moisturizer is to use penny sized amounts and then rub them into problem areas in the skin. Then women need to wait for about ten minutes before applying makeup.

Use Oil On Oily Skin

Celebrities are just human beings like the rest of us. So why is it that they never seem to have oily skin? It might be because they are using oil-based products on their skin regularly.

Most people think that the way to deal with excessive oil is to scrub their faces dry every day with water-based products. This removes the oil temporarily, but it sends their sebum glands into overdrive. The glands desperately try to pump out oil back onto the epidermis to keep it supple. The trick here, therefore, is to use oil-based products. These products will make the glands think that they don’t need to produce as much oil. As a result, the skin itself will become less oily over time.

Apply Bronzer Evenly

We’ve all seen the comical images of people who have only applied bronzer to their faces or their hands. It’s not a good look. Make sure that you apply bronzer evenly.

One trick is to blend the bronzing lotion with moisturising cream first and then apply evenly over the body. This spreads the bronzer evenly and helps the skin to absorb it.

Cut Back on Your Pedicure Habit

Pedicures are expensive and time-consuming. And, for most women, too frequent an event. You can increase the time between pedicures by scrubbing the dead skin off your feet with a pumice stone. Once the dead skin has fallen off, you can then moisturize your feet. Remember to focus on your toes in particular to keep them fungus-free.

Prepare for Tweezing

Tweezing can be hard on your skin. That’s why you should consider dabbing the area you want to tweeze with moisturized cotton wool beforehand. This will help to reduce the irritation and inflammation that can result from tweezing. Remember when you tweeze to do so in the direction of the hair growth.


Know Your Shade

Each of us has a different natural skin tone and complexion. Some women still don’t know which foundation is right for them. When they choose the wrong foundation, the contrast with their neck is apparent.

Spend some time looking for the right foundation that complements your skin tone. There are dozens of manufacturers out there with products that help you choose the right foundation.

Exfoliate, But Not Daily

We all know that exfoliation is important. It’s when we remove the dead cells from our skin and get all the gunk out of our pores. But some experts advise exfoliating on a daily basis.

The problem with doing this is that it interferes with our natural production of oils to keep our skin soft and supple. We should exfoliate, but perhaps once a week rather than once a day.

Don’t Pop Your Pimples

All of us have, at one time or another, had the urge to pop a pimple, but not so fast. Believe it or not, the body has a perfectly natural and reasonable way of disposing of them. Once the head comes to the surface, it’s only a matter of time before it scabs and drops off. It’s a hygienic and effective process.

What’s not so effective is bursting it. This causes all the bacteria that caused it to flare up to spread to other parts of your face. Plus, the violence of bursting it causes the skin around it to become inflamed. The body literally thinks it’s under attack. The advice is, therefore, to leave them until they have run their natural course and not to help them kick the bucket while they’re young.

Curl Your Lashes

The best tips out there right now is to curl your lashes before and after you apply mascara. If you need extra lift during the day, you can always curl them again and bring them to life.

Create Fuller Lips

Granted, some stars have overdone this one. But most women feel that they look better when their lips are fuller. One way to do this is to apply some neutral makeup just above your top lip and then apply lipstick to this. But b careful not to extend your lip line too much!

Use Sunscreen Daily

The sun does enormous damage to our skin over the course of our lives. That’s why we should wear sunscreen everyday, even when it’s cloudy.

Use Raw Potatoes

It might sound a little zany, but leading dermatologists recommend using raw potatoes on puffy eyes. Why? Because they contain an astringent that decreases water retention and has an enzyme that is good at fighting dark circles.

The advice is first to wash the potato, and then peel it. Then just cut out two slices and place one over each eye for about 10 minutes. Then it’s just a case of waiting and letting the potatoes do their incredible work.

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