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Because It’s the Series

Do you know what’s happening tonight?
Do ya?

Yeah, that’s right. It’s time to watch Fenway Park for …
If you want an idea of what will be going on from the fan side of things, you need to watch Fever Pitch. Okay, maybe it’s about an overly obsessed fan, but there are still some great scenes that completely demonstrate how dedicated Boston fans are for their team. 
Oh, and fun fact about Fever Pitch. It was filmed during the 2004 season, and the ending was supposed to be about the Red Sox disappointing the majorly-obsessed main character (Jimmy Fallon) when they lost in the playoffs and so he realized that the Sox were great but he gave up this awesome woman (Drew Barrymore) for a loss, etc. etc. And then the 2004 season resulted in the BEST GAME OF BASEBALL EVER and BREAKING THE CURSE AND WINNING THE WORLD SERIES so they had to rewrite and refilm the ending.
Oh, and that series was against the Cardinals. Like this one is. 
Get ready to lose again, StL!

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