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I was thinking about an upcoming outfit post I want to do when I came across the classic blogger problem: who will take a picture of me?

I feel really awkward asking anyone to take a picture of me for an outfit post. I’m talking about asking even my boyfriend, roommate, and close friends. And when I do get up the courage to ask someone, most of the pictures turn out super awkward.

This prompted my brain to go to other #bloggerprobz.

I wanted to blog about something, but then I realized I already had. #bloggerprobz

I want to buy an ad/sponsorship for one of my favorite blogs, but I already spent too much money on ads. #bloggerprobz

I really want to email my favorite blogger, but I feel too awkward to do it. #bloggerprobz

I forgot to schedule tweets to promote my blog post. #bloggerprobz

Do I have enough social media accounts for my blog? #bloggerprobz

Am I doing social media right? #bloggerprobz

Am I doing anything right?? #bloggerprobz

I’m doing a lot of extra work outside of my normal life and I don’t have enough time. #bloggerprobz

Do I have blogger friends? Like real friends, and not just mutual followers? #bloggerprobz

I don’t do enough outside of work/school and don’t have enough to blog about. #bloggerprobz

I feel weird talking about my blog offline. #bloggerprobz


I’ve experienced some of these and thought up others. Let me know if you’ve experienced these, and share your other ones with me. Comment and/or tweet it with #bloggerprobz!

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