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Comma Rules Part 3

Last comma rules post! Last comma rules post!  Here is part 1 and part 2.

comma rules
comma rules

Wednesday, August 13, 2014, is tomorrow.

Note how there’s a comma after the year. If the sentence continues after you’ve written the year, you need a comma after it.

comma rules

Boston, Massachusetts, is the location of the Boston Red Sox.

Same deal. If the sentence continues after the state, it needs a comma.

comma rules

John Smith, Jr., is in graduate school at Boston University.

John Smith Sr. is very proud of him.

If you have the comma in between the name and the abbreviation, you need a comma after. If you don’t put a comma in between them, you don’t. 

comma rules

It’s weird that they have such common names, isn’t it?

comma rules

What if their other cousins were Jane Doe, Jane Smith, etc.?

Jane, John, Joe, etc., probably shouldn’t be used as names in their families any more.

comma rules

John Smith sends emails to his professor, Joe Doe, PhD.

Joe Doe, MD, is the cousin of Joe Doe, PhD.

Seeing a trend? Degree/title in the sentence, comma after it. 

This concludes my posts on commas! Let me know what other types of grammar you would like me to explain.

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