Happy Monday! I’m off at school all day for prepping for the year. I can’t believe that everything that I’ve worked for for the past 4 years is actually coming together this week!

In the meantime, I have some confessions today …

Today, I confess that:

1) I have eaten horribly over the past 2 weeks. And by eating horribly, I mean that I have barely eaten. Whoops. 
This was a great meal. I should eat more like this. Chicken with pesto and tomato, peppers and quinoa.
2) When I moved, the amount of yoga I did every day and every year decreased significantly. This is not what I want. 
3) I have not written a single thing since I moved other than blog posts and lesson plans.
4) I’ve been listening to the Legally Blonde: The Musical soundtrack and Kacey Musgrave’s album on repeat over the past few weeks. (This is not a bad thing.)
I want or need to change some of these things. For example, not eating well is BAD. (Thanks, autoimmune issues, for taking away my appetite). Also, I need to increase my yoga again, and I need to keep writing if I want to publish another book in the future. 
Big life moments like moving can throw key parts of your life off balance. However, some of these things need to be back on track! 
And I confess that I’m going to work on them. 

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