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Current Events In One Sentence

We’re playing a game today called Current Events In One Sentence. Here’s how it works: I’ve got a whole bunch of news stories that I’m going to respond to, but I’ll only respond in one sentence. I have a whole lot more to say about all of these topics, but I decided to just stick to one sentence for a) fun and b) to make myself choose my words carefully.

Current Events In One Sentence Kate the (Almost) Great

Brittany Maynard: While I don’t agree with suicide or assisted suicide, I understand why she did it and hope she and her family are now at peace.

Midterm Elections: Make sure that you are educated about all candidates and questions on the ballot today and that you vote.

Man “Surfs” A Dead Whale: That’s absolutely disgusting and I have no idea why you would want to do that.

Winter Weather Slams New England And The South: There were thousands without power at some point from Saturday to Monday, including entire towns in Maine, and it is just too early to be dealing with that kind of storm.

Ebola Nurse Reunited With Dog: I’m so glad that she is healthy, that her dog is healthy, that they didn’t put down the dog like they did in Spain, and that they were reunited.

Alex From Target: I’m kind of impressed that this kid became famous overnight without knowing it.

Chelsea Handler’s Topless Photo Battle: For everyone saying that Instagram taking her picture down (multiple times I believe) is unconstitutional, I would like to remind them that the constitution prohibits the government from freedom of speech/expression/etc. and that it says nothing about private companies doing that, so get a different argument.

World Trade Center Reopens: I’m so glad that it is rebuilt and open again, and I’m glad there is also a memorial so that we show that we (as a nation) rebuilt but we won’t forget.

Current Events Challenge Kate the (Almost) Great

Take the Current Events In One Sentence challenge! Comment with your one-sentence response to any current event. It could be any (or all) of these or a completely different one. If you do a blog post, comment with the link to that. Can’t wait to read them!

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