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Current Events In One Sentence: Kim K and the Secret Service

Last week, I did a post where I took current events and could only respond to them in one sentence. I had a lot of positive responses, so I’m doing it again today!

Current Events in One Sentence Challenge - Kate the (Almost) Great

Kim Kardashian in Paper Magazine: While I personally would never do that, and I don’t necessarily agree with her doing that, it’s entirely up to her, and if she genuinely is as thrilled and excited about it as her face appears, then leave her alone.

Probe lands on a comet: How effing cool is this?!

New Orleans police routinely ignored sex crimes: This is completely horrendous, especially since I would imagine that in many cases it takes a tremendous amount of bravery to just report some of these crimes at all, so to have hundreds of crimes classified as miscellaneous and/or not be pursued is even more awful.

Secret service failings: When I read the details of how the security breaches occurred, I was embarrassed, but if they truly are due to an overall lack of resources (including being undermanned), then I hope this helps that.

Walmart workers stage sit-in: A really interesting quote I saw about this referenced how Walmart leads the industry which means they also set the stage for how workers are treated, so power to you if it means how workers are treated get scrutinized, regardless of how they currently are (since I have no idea).

Current Events in One Sentence Challenge - Kate the (Almost) Great
What do you think about these? Comment below or comment with the link to your post! 
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