What I’m Up To

Reading: I just finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (yes, I’m reviewing it next week because you may know that I’m obsessed with it) and I’m either going to finish The Magicians or I’m going to listen to Stephen King’s On Writing. Also I’m reading A King’s Ransom because I’ve somehow become that person who reads multiple books at a time?

Watching: I’m rewatching Supernatural and it’s amazing. It’s the closest I get to watching scary movies.

Writing: You may or may not know that I’m trying to finish TLM, my second novel, by the time classes start again at the end of the month! I’m around 49,000 words in right now.


Wearing: All the winter clothes! Winter finally showed up in Boston, although we’ve barely had any snow. I am displeased about that. I absolutely love this hat because it’s warm and cozy and it’s in Patriot’s colors! But it comes in loads of different colors, so you can get one in your team’s colors without the price of buying official gear. Apparelnbags has so many brands with so many great styles! I can’t recommend them enough.


Feeling: A bit pessimistic, to be honest. I’ve been in a fair amount of pain recently, mostly because I’m trying to spend a week or more off steroids for the first time in around a year. It turns out that the steroids were the only thing keeping my chest pain from costochondritis – inflammation of the lining of the ribs – at bay. But steroids are horrible for you long-term, and I’ll be back on them in February when my last infusion runs out. Oh, and I’m changing medications, so I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about that in the coming months. Because I’m changing medications, I’ll feel horrible from February to the end of June at the latest. And that’s assuming that the new medication will work. So January is supposed to be the month that I’m doing better, and so far that is not true.

Listening to: Creativity Boost playlist on Spotify, plus the TLM novel playlist and the playlists for Becky, Elizabeth, and Nicholas. I’ll talk more about novel playlists next week, hopefully!

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  1. I’ll pray for the pain you’re enduring. I need to go back and read old posts so i can be caught up with what you are going through. And you’re puppy is adorable!

    • Thank you so much. The short version is I have inflammatory arthritis, originally diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis, then rheumatoid, and now back to psoriatic. I’ve been in pain since the fall of 2001 but wasn’t diagnosed until 2010, so it was caught way too late and it’s pretty much irreversible. We’re trying to stop it from getting worse, but I’m pretty much the definition of a serious case of arthritis.