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Decorating a Small Space

So since I moved back to Boston, I’m living at my parents’ house because I can’t work right now (hence, you know, the move back to Boston). And I’m not living in my childhood bedroom – because that is in Maine and someone else is living in there now. My parents moved to Boston the summer before my senior year of college, and majorly downsized since my little sister was going to college that fall. So my bedroom is small, I share it with my sister when she is here, and it doesn’t have pretty much any personalization.

Well, let’s make that didn’t.

I took these built-in shelves next to my bed and filled them with things to make me feel more at home. And I definitely succeeded.

how to decorate a small space on a budget | Kate the (Almost) Great



Decorating On A Budget | Kate the (Almost) Great
My sister and me, receiving my Vanderbilt diploma, and a picture of me and one of my best friends. Plus, of course, Vanderbilt pennants, Red Sox pennant, and an Irish flag.


Decorating Bookshelves | Kate the (Almost) Great


Cats on Bookshelves | Kate the (Almost) Great


Dear Coffee I Love You | Kate the (Almost) Great

Like my print? It’s a great one from Letters from Rita! Letters from Rita is a small shop with a big goal – to bring more customized artwork into your home. Currently in her shop, there are prints that range from $10-$39, so not only is it customized, but it’s affordable. Stephanie was a dream to work with, and is so incredibly talented. Don’t believe me? Check out her Instagram, where she regularly posts sneak peeks and pictures of her works in progress.

CS Lewis Inspirational Quote | Kate the (Almost) Great


Hardships Often Prepare Ordinary People For An Extraordinary Destiny | Kate the (Almost) Great

Want your own customized artwork? Get $3 off your first print before January 1st with the code “BLOGGER3”. $3 may not sound like much, but when you consider that her pieces go as low as $10, it makes a huge difference. Go order now!

I did receive this print in exchange for a review. That is the only compensation I received for including it. For more information, read my disclosure policy on my About page.

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