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Did My Blog Traffic Increase in December?

Happy 2016! We’re starting off the year with a blog traffic report and I’m excited to see where this here blog goes in the new year. Without further ado, let’s try to answer the important question: Did my blog traffic increase in December?

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Original Statistics

Did My Blog Traffic Increase in December?

Traffic Report

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Current Stats (January 1)

Unique Pageviews: 4,444 ( +17% from the start, -1.3% from November)

Bounce Rate: 85.58% ( +2.8% from the start, +3% from November)

Sessions: 3,377 ( +20.1% from the start, +6% from November)

Users: 2,960 ( +53.8% from the start, +13% from November)

Bloglovin: 1566 (+16.3% from the start, +0.6% from November)

Email Subscribers: 85 (started with 0, +13% from November)

Social Media

Facebook: 770 (+28% from the start, +3% from November)

Twitter: 1998 (+29% from the start, +4.7% from November)

Instagram: 1000 (+249% from the start, +2.8% from November)

Google+: 154 (+83% from the start, +13.2% from November)

Pinterest: 1901 (+208% from the start, +2.7% from November)

Tumblr: 3451 (+.99% from November)

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Traffic Analysis

What I Did:

  • How I Promote My Blog Posts – I need to do an updated version because I’ve started promoting more often!
  • Quit Your Job To Blog course (I don’t share the things I learn from this course because that’s not fair to Helene)
  • Added a plugin to check for broken links
  • Changed writing category name to Writing & Blogging
  • Fewer posts this month due to finals (14 posts in November, 10 in December)
  • Blog post ideas post (those are always popular)
  • Scheduled promotions through the holiday so blog traffic wouldn’t drop off
  • Gift guides

What Worked:

  • How I promote my blog posts and adding more promotions to my day
  • Things I did from Quit Your Job To Blog
  • Blog post ideas post – Blog Post Ideas for 2016 (a post for every week of the new year) was VERY popular! Woohoo!
  • Scheduled promotions through my mini-vacation over Christmas worked wonderfully; I was able to enjoy the holiday and not worry about my views

I Haven’t Seen Results From:

  • Changing the name of the writing category – At least now people know that my blogging posts are under there, right?
  • Broken link checker

Previous Goals:

  • 1,000 Instagram followers – YES! I did it! Thank you to my sister and her boyfriend for texting their friends and family and telling them to follow me because I was 5 followers away from 1k and wanted to start off the new year with 1k.
  • 2,000 Twitter followers – So. freaking. close. Hopefully next month?
  • 5,000 monthly pageviews – Mm not quite, but I’m getting there!
  • Decrease bounce rate – This didn’t change, but a got a lot of blog traffic this month from Pinterest and StumbleUpon, so I’m not surprised.

Plans and Goals:

  • 5,000 monthly pageviews
  • 2,000 Twitter followers
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Maintain social media followers

What are you doing for your blog in 2016 to improve blog traffic?

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