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Erin Condren Teacher Planner: Review

Note: I did not receive this product for review. I was not compensated in any way. I am reviewing it for my own personal reasons.
As you might now, I decided to buy an Erin Condren planner for this year. I have a couple of friends who ordered the life planner and loved it, and I really wanted the lesson planner, so I went ahead and bought it! I was so happy when it arrived.
Well, now that the school year is in full force (I’m currently working 14+ hours a day…) I figured that I would talk more about how I use it and what it’s like.
1. Dates
I love that it comes with a section of important dates – they include all of the important national ones, which is great especially because some of them change the exact date year to year. I also use the long-distance planning section, which is also where I wrote in some of the key dates that are specific to my distract and school.
2. Months
There’s also 2 pages for each month. The squares are also large enough for me to write in what’s going what I need to do. After each double page for the month, there is a double page for notes (see below for what I mean). This is great for me to take notes on meetings, etc. that happen during that month.
Notes I’ve taken during August so far
3. Daily Lesson Planning
I love the lesson planning section! I would love if there was a wee more space, but it’s still pretty great.
If you can see in this picture, the day planner section (like individual lessons) is fairly filled for each day. There are lots of sections within the rows to put in lessons and information. I’m on block scheduling (4 periods a day, each is 90 minutes long), so I use two columns for each block of that day


4. Other Sections
There are many other parts of the planner. Including stickers, absentee logs, etc.
There are many different pages for note taking! So helpful.
Overall, I’m so happy that I bought this. I do, however, wish that it had been cheaper. But I do love it!

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