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Exams & Infusions, Oh My!

SO much to update y’all on today.

[ONE] It has been a crazy couple of days, and it will be a while longer. Like I’ve mentioned before, next Tuesday is the End of Course test for my students. Last week I worked 60 hours Monday-Friday alone. This week, I’m drastically feeling the effects of that. We had horrendous storms on Sunday-Monday, so I felt that with awful pain, and all the stress is driving my pain levels high as well. This week, if I haven’t been working, I’ve been resting. The West Wing, rereading Outlander, and Gatorade have been my friends when I haven’t been working.

My hair is permanently up in a bun like this one because who has time to blow dry?

[TWO] Also, please keep my kids in your thoughts and prayers through next Friday! They’re taking very high-stakes tests and it’s super important that they do well. Let’s hope that they (1) do their best, (2) don’t get sick/something doesn’t happen, and (3) are able to focus.

[THREE] I have my next infusion scheduled! June 11th in Boston. It’s a little bit later than it should be (4 months, so this past week I should have had it), but it’s still earlier than it has been in the past (6 months), so hopefully I’ll be okay over the next month.

[FOUR] On that note, I have my trip back to New England scheduled. June 4-20! This means that I’ll spend my birthday with my family, some friends from college, and some from high school. My birthday is June 5, just so you know. I’m excited to see friends and family and go between Boston and Maine for that time.

[FIVE] In officially less than a month, my first year of teaching will be over. I’m excited.

Enjoy this coffee selfie. I don’t know.
This is what my hair looks like when it’s up in that bun, by the way.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll be back on Sunday for Self-Publishing Sunday for sure, but no promises on tomorrow or next Monday-Wednesday. I’ll do my best, though!

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