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Gift Guide: Person Who Has Everything

We all know those people – the ones who seem to already have everything or are in the position where they can get anything they want. So what do you get them for the holidays?

Christmas gift ideas Kate the (Almost) Great

1. Gift certificate for an experience together

This can be homemade or a professional gift certificate, like to the movies, spa, sports game, etc.

(Pssss – go read my post from Tuesday about Datevitation and their certificate books!)

2. Something sentimental about you two

Pictures in a frame, a scrapbook, etc. – in general, something that reminds them of the two of you.

3. Novelty gift

Ever see something in a store and say, “I like it, but I have absolutely no purpose for it” Well, this is your chance to buy one of those as a gift for someone.

What do you give in these situations?

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