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Healthy and Tasty Fish Recipe {Guest Post}

Today I give you a guest post about a recipe for fish. As a New Englander who was raised on seafood, I take my fish pretty seriously. Looking for a recipe of your own? Check out this delicious looking recipe from Linda Rosario!
you want something healthy and delicious, go for the fish. Any fish recipe is
guaranteed tasty and nutritious, with the protein and healthy fats. Another
bonus is that they are a lot easier to prepare.

The Ultimate
Glazed Salmon

“king of fish” is a delicious and healthy food. The interesting part is the
flavors easily mix with the texture of the fish.

you need to have:
Three tablespoons of brown sugar
Two tablespoons of vanilla extract
Two tablespoons of regular whiskey
Two tablespoons of soy sauce
One tablespoon of fresh ginger
One tablespoon of lemon juice
One fourth cup of thinly sliced onions
One tablespoon of chia seeds
Three minced garlic cloves
Four six-ounces of salmon, filleted
half cup of scallions, minced
What you need to do:
Use a large Ziploc plastic bag,
place the brown sugar, vanilla extract, regular whiskey, soy sauce, fresh
ginger, lemon juice, garlic cloves and onions. Add the fish to the bag and let
it sit there for two hours in a refrigerator. Turn it occasionally.
Heat a nonstick pan over moderate heat. Use some cooking
spray to coat the pan. Add the fish and marinade to the pan. Cook the fish for
five minutes on each side. Make sure that the fish flakes very easily. Use a
fork to test this. Place a fillet on a plate and pour two teaspoons of sauce.
Sprinkle it with scallions on top and some chia seeds.
Transfer to a plate and design
with some garnish. Serve and enjoy!

Linda Rosario is a blogger from, “The Kitchen Every Chef Needs.” Linda loves painting and cooking. She also has a small pastry shop.

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