A Guide to Chronic Illness for Those Who Don’t Have One

Chronic illness is one of those things where you can never completely understand it unless you have lived it. But people who live with chronic illness really need support from their abled loved ones, which can be tricky if their loved ones don’t understand what they are going through. In an effort to help you, the loved one of someone with chronic illness or an abled person who interacts with people with chronic illness, I’ve pulled together all of my chronic illness posts designed to educate the abled. These are broken down into categories so you can easily dig through my chronic illness posts. I hope these will help you understand what people with chronic illness are going through, or at least better understand ways you might be hurting us without realizing it.

Even if you don't personally know someone with a chronic illness or chronic pain, you interact with people who have one all the time. This is what you need to know in order to understand the millions of people around the world who live with chronic illness.

Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain at Large

These posts are more general and don’t easily fit into another category.

Questions Not To Ask Someone with a Chronic Illness

Don’t Say “It Could Be Worse”

What It’s Like To Live with Pain for 15 Years

Loving Someone with Chronic Pain

How To Help Someone Who Has a Chronic Illness

On Inspiration Porn

A Complete Guide To Advocating for Patients

4 Questions To Ask Before Sending Medical Advice on the Internet

Pain Medication

Chronic pain patients using pain medication is very misunderstood. I’ve written several posts to hopefully help you understand.

People Prescribed Opioids Are Not Automatically “Junkies”

Being a Chronic Pain Patient in the Opioid Abuse Crisis

How Chronic Pain Patients Use Opioids


These are posts about living with arthritis, facts about arthritis, and more.

What You Need To Know about Arthritis

A Day in the Life of an Arthritis Patient

So Someone You Know Was Diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis

The 8 Things a Millennial with Arthritis Wants You To Know

4 More Things a Millennial with Arthritis Wants You To Know

8 Ways You Can Help Someone with Arthritis

Answering Questions about Arthritis

Is Arthritis a Big Deal?

The Complications of Arthritis

To the Loved Ones of People with Arthritis

It's really hard to understand chronic illness or chronic pain if you don't have either. But over the course of the years that I've been blogging, I've written multiple posts to help people understand what this life is like. These are 29 posts to help you understand in a wide variety of ways.


Ableism is discriminating against disabled people, and it’s rampant in our society. These posts will help you understand it.

Examples of Ableist Language in Everyday Life

Everyday Ableism

We Need To Talk about Ableism


These posts are about the overarching category of disability, which is a little different than chronic illness or chronic pain. Plenty of people who have a chronic illness or live with chronic pain don’t consider themselves disabled, so these posts are about disability specifically.

What Abled People Need To Know about Disability

A Letter to the Mom who Yelled at Me on the Bus for My Disability

Not All Disabilities Are Visible

A Guide to Chronic Illness for People Who Don't Have One Click To Tweet

Healthcare Legislation 

I haven’t written that many posts about healthcare legislation, but these will hopefully help you understand the value of the legislation that we have had.

The Deadly Consequences of Incorrect Healthcare Reform

What’s the Value of the Affordable Care Act?

What would you like to know about chronic illness, chronic pain, arthritis, or any of the other topics mentioned here? I’m planning my 2018 editorial calendar and would like to hear what types of posts you would like.

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