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Homemade Hamburger Helper

Happy Wednesday! Today I bring you a delicious recipe for something that is basically homemade Hamburger Helper.

easy gluten-free dinner

Ingredients Needed:
1 lb ground beef
1tbsp chopped onion
1tbsp minced garlic
15oz pasta noodles/shells (I used rice ones because I’m gluten-free)
15oz hot beef stock (also acceptable: chicken stock or water)
1tbsp tomato paste
15oz pasta sauce (I used a tomato and basil sauce)
1tsp oregano 
1tsp basil
1tsp parsley
This might look a little complicated, but it’s super easy, honestly!

Step 1: 
Brown beef with onion and garlic and then drain the fat
easy gluten-free homemade dinner
Step 2: 
Add the tomato paste, pasta sauce, beef stock, and pasta to the meat. Once you stir it together, add in the oregano and basil. Bring it to boil.
homemade gluten-free dinner
Step 3:
14 minutes of simmering!
homemade gluten-free dinner

Step 4:
Stir in parsley and serve!
gluten-free beef dinner

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