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How To Decide Where To Go on Your Next Getaway

If you’re planning a getaway but you’re not sure where to go, this post can help you. These days, there are so many wonderful places to visit that it can be hard to know where to go when. To help you narrow your list down, let’s take a look at a few things you can do:

How To Decide Where To Go on Your Next Getaway

1. Make a Travel Bucket List

Make a travel bucket list full of places that you’d love to see. Don’t think about why or anything like that yet, just add them to your list. Make it as long as you like. There are some places you may not want to visit although they are popular, and that’s fine. Feel free to go against the grain. You can then make your way through the list gradually. You’ll get a real sense of accomplishment when you tick a place off the list.

2. Decide What Type of Trip You Want
There are different kinds of trips you can take depending on what you want and need. You might just want a nice, relaxed trip with lovely views. You might want a trip full of adventure. Think about how you’d like to spend your time on this trip and then think of a few places that would suit. Some places have a bit of everything if you’re not sure. You can guarantee there will be somewhere to suit your needs, whatever you’re into!
3. Work Out a Budget
A budget is essential. This way, you’ll know what you can afford in terms of accommodation, food, drink, and more. HouseTrip apartments in Paris are reasonably priced, so something like that could be perfect if you’re on a budget. Allocate money for drink, food, accommodation, souvenirs, activities, and anything else you think you need.
4. Do Your Research
Lots of research should be done so you can find the most suitable place for your next trip. Look on sites like Trip Advisor so you can read reviews on things to do and their ratings. You’ll get a good idea of where you want to go and where you don’t want to go. You might even find out things about places you never would have considered going, and decide to pay a visit there instead! You can have a unique trip wherever you decide to go, so don’t worry about doing the same thing as every other tourist.
5. Point at a Map
If you really can’t decide, let fate do it for you. Grab a map or a globe, give it a spin and point your finger randomly to a place. Go there! This might seem a little unrealistic, after all, you do need to make sure it fits your budget. However, it can make things so much easier and less stressful. Plus, it might just be a sign from the universe!
What do you think of these tips – will you be using any of them to help you plan your next getaway? 

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  • Reply Alanna @ Alanna and Company

    I definitely have a HUGE travel bucket list. It's the budgeting part that's an issue right now…

    July 20, 2015 at 2:18 pm
  • Reply Ashley

    Great ideas and tips!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    July 22, 2015 at 7:25 pm
    • Reply Kate

      Thank you!

      July 24, 2015 at 10:00 pm

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