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How to Pack for a Summer Trip

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m heading up to New England on Wednesday. I’m going to be in Boston and Maine (the Portland and Bangor areas), and will be up there for 15 days, 17 if you include the days I fly in and out. Unfortunately, I’m usually pretty bad at packing, so this time I decided to do better. In fact, I pulled together a guide and am sharing it with you today. Maybe even Pin it for later!

Before you start, there are two key questions to ask yourself:

What’s the weather going to be? The temperatures can be anywhere from 50-90, and since I’ll be there for so long, I need to assume that it will rain at some point.

What will I be doing? Hanging out with family and friends in the city, in the woods, and at the lake. I’ll also be going to a Braid Paisley concert, a Red Sox game (hopefully), at least one nice dinner, my next infusion, and potentially going out.

Once you have that figured out, then continue packing!

how to pack for a trip
[ONE] Gather basics
[TWO] Pick out some fun and colorful pieces that will work well with your basics
[THREE] Accessories! Fun pieces to add to your outfits
[FOUR] Shoes can make a big difference. You want to have variety for the different things that you’re going to do.
[FIVE] Mix and match away!
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