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How To Pick Blogging Friends {Guest Post}

Hey guys!  I am Jenn and I blog over at Bad Luck Jenn!  While Kate is getting shot up with good drugs to make her feel better, I thought I would say hey to all of her readers!

Kate & I hit it off right off when we first started emailing.  I instantly felt a connection with her because of the things we had in common. So I wanted to share with everyone how I pick my blogging friends.

1. Common Interests

When I check out a new blog, I immediately head over to the About Me page. If we have anything in common, I immediately start further stalking.

Kate lives in Nashville.  I just quit my job of 3 years in Nashville to move to grad school.
Kate loves to Boston Red Sox.  While I am not a huge baseball fan, I love sports and love a chick that can get obsessed with a team (and smack talk).

Kate has rheumatoid arthritis & has been fighting for 13 years as a patient for proper treatment.  I am still fighting for my diagnosis right now, but my symptoms are in the same ballpark as hers.  Which means we take some of the same meds and fight the same fight to get out of bed each day.  If that doesn’t bond you, I don’t know what else does!

2.  Good Writing

I check out the writing, duh.  A good place to start this one is heading over to a Popular Posts page.  Or start from the most recent and see how much time you waste on their page.

I mean, Kate is an author!  And she gives all these great tips in her blog posts!

3. Availability

I know each and every one of us have something going on in our lives.  But the easiest way to make friends is to actually communicate.  So when bloggers respond to my comments, my emails, and social media posts, I am an instant fan!

Well Kate is addicted to social media and we exchange novel like emails, so check!

So I definitely recommend becoming blogging friends with Kate.  And of course, I think you should stalk me too!  Make sure to check out Bad Luck Jenn and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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