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If I Had an Assistant

I’ve mentioned this before, but my life can be crazy. Teaching, writing, blogging (and everything that goes along with it), and dealing with chronic pain can be a LOT. Especially because the pain stuff and the fibro fog can make it hard for my brain to work some days. Which is why my life would be a million times better if I had an assistant!

If I had a blogging assistant

1. Coffee

We all know that coffee is an integral part of my life. I like 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning (with a little French vanilla soy creamer, please) and 2-3 lattes a week. That’s a grand vanilla soy latte but if it’s going to be iced it needs to be a venti. And don’t get it wrong.

2. Email

Please sort through my 2 non-teaching email accounts. One is personal – so delete the things I don’t need to read, take care of the things that need a simple response, and show me the important ones – and the other is blog business. With that one, it would be your job responding to emails for me. Mostly typing out what my response is so I can walk and email at the same time. And keeping up with it so I don’t get panic attacks from my email account.

3. Blogging/Social Media

After I’ve written posts, schedule all associated social media posts, make sure that they go up on time, etc. Keep a list of the post ideas that I come up with – yes, mind reading is required for this task – and monitor stats, etc. in a bi-weekly report.

4. Food

Remind me to eat. And to take my medications. Mind reading would come in handy here, too, so that you know if I’m actually hungry for something tasty or if I just need to eat something because I haven’t eaten in 5 hours. Plus, you need to be an expert in my diet (no gluten, dairy, or hydrogenated oils).

blogger assistant qualifications

Today isn’t just any other Monday. Today is my first day back to work after 2 weeks off and it’s the first day of the last quarter of the school year. The countdown to summer break begins! 2 full weeks of teaching, 1 short week, my sister comes for Easter, then 2 full weeks before the week of testing for the End of Course exams, followed by 2 full weeks, Memorial Day weekend, and a short week of half-days for exams. AH!

Hope you’re all having a great day! And don’t worry – I’m not expecting anyone to actually apply to be my assistant. (And I can’t pay you anyway.)

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