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Keep Your Eyes On The Stars

It has been a while since I did a Project Kate update, which also serves as a nice, well-rounded life update.

Project Kate Update Kate the (Almost) Great

Physical Health

October was an extremely rough month for me. Due to scheduling problems, I had my infusion 3 weeks later than I should have, which meant very high pain for most of the month. It also turns out that my knee surgery, which I was supposed to have this week, can’t happen until February. My infusions suppress my immune system, since arthritis is an autoimmune disease, which means that it is pretty much certain that I will catch an infection if I have surgery when my immune system is compromised. Every 4 months (which is the rate of when I have my infusion), there is a 2-week window where I can have surgery without definitely getting an infection.

The future is looking a little brighter, though, because it’s just a matter of weeks until the infusion fully kicks in. And as long as I don’t dislocate my knee again, I’ll be fine.

Mental Health

I haven’t had an anxiety attack in weeks and it makes me want to dance (I was having multiple per week last year). My spirits have been a little down over the past month because I’ve been feeling so horrible, but I feel a bit better mentally knowing that the worst is hopefully behind me.

Inspirational Quotes - Theodore Roosevelt Kate the (Almost) Great

Graduate School

One GRE down, one to go. Due to pain, I was not able to take the general GRE last week. I have, however, taken the GRE subject test in literature. My first application is due December 15 and the rest in January, but I’m aiming to have them all in by Christmas so that I don’t have to stress about them over the holidays. Also, I really like the idea of starting 2015 off without the stress of applications.

Work Plans

I’ve been picking up some writing and editing here and there – go check out the awesome Home Economics store on Etsy, which also has a TARDIS quilt! – and I volunteer as a tutor. I’m hoping that in January I’ll be able to do significantly more freelance work, but right now I don’t have the energy that goes into looking for jobs. (But if you need a writer or editor, I’m your girl!)

Also, I have a couple of ideas for my future, long-term work plans that I’m excited about. Hopefully a project of mine related to that will be up and running some time in the spring!

Other Plans

I’ve been eating healthy, which is awesome, and starting to do yoga and walking again daily. Due to being so poorly for the past month, I haven’t done that as much as I have liked.

So that’s what’s up with me! Hope your week is off to a great start.

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