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Jane Austen and the Modern World

As you may or may not know, I’m a big Jane Austen fan. I’m saying that I’ve read everything that she has ever written that is open to the public. I’m that kind of fan. In fact, I owe my first book to her. I got so frustrated with the ending of Mansfield Park that I wrote it in a modern setting with some key differences, which was, of course, Aureole.

Modern adaptations of Jane Austen aren’t unusual. You know the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary? It’s based on Pride and Prejudice.


I’ll admit that I haven’t watched all of that movie. Granted, that’s because of my insane inability to watch awkward scenes in movies and television shows (trust me … it’s bad), but anyway. That’s not the point of this.

The point is that modern adaptations can be awesome. My understanding is that if you aren’t necessarily looking for the similarities between this movie and Pride and Prejudice, you won’t notice them. That doesn’t make it bad, by any means. It was wildly successful.

A more literal translation of Pride and Prejudice is the YouTube series “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.” The premise is that Lizzie Bennet, a modern-day graduate student studying communications, starts a vlog for a school project where she talks about her life. It follows the book very closely, and is extremely entertaining.


If you’re looking for something new to watch, I strongly suggest checking it out, even if you’re not obsessed with a fan of Pride and Prejudice like I am.


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