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June Traffic Report

June was a much better month than May was! I was much happier with this month’s stats than I was with May’s. As a reminder, I’m trying to get to 20,000 monthly unique pageviews on Google Analytics. I’ve decided to focus on increasing readers and improve this blog over making money. Obviously, I’m more than happy to make money by this blog, especially with starting school in less than 2 months, but that’s not my first focus.

How To Build Blog Traffic - Kate the (Almost) Great

Traffic Report

How To Increase Blog Traffic - Kate the (Almost) Great

Unique Pageviews – 3853 (+1.90% from March and -0.40% from May)
Bounce Rate – 82.66% (-.70% from March and +5.6% from May)
Sessions – 2953 (+5.08% from March and +6.84% from May)
Users – 2413 (+6.39% from March and +25.41% from May)
Blogger – 13,030 monthly views (+8.58% from March and +14.14% from May)
Bloglovin – 1446 (+7.4% from March and +0.9% from May)
Email Subscribers – 34 (started at 0 and +17.2% from May)

Social Media:
Facebook – 658 (+9.48% from March and +3.78% from May)
Twitter – 1665 (+7.69% from March and +0.12% from May)
Instagram – 533 (+32.9% from March and +5.75% from May)
Google + – 98 (16.67% from March and +4.25% from May)
Pinterest – 1389 (+51.8% from March and +6.11% from May)

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How To Increase Blog Traffic - Kate the (Almost) Great

Traffic Analysis

What I Did
How I promote my blog posts
– Shared posts in Google + communities
– Released an ebook – big thanks to my Internet friends who shared the post about it!
– Multiple giveaways (reader survey plus regular June one)
– Free printable
– Promoted a pin
– Sponsoring Helene in Between

What Worked
– Promoted pin – As Pinterest suggests, I chose nearly 30 tags of what to target. It worked incredibly well! Seriously. I am definitely going to do this again.
– Writing a post about what to do in Boston. It was shared a lot!

I Haven’t Seen Results From
– The eBook – The Essential Grammar Handbook. There was a lot of activity that first week, but it wasn’t ginormous and it didn’t last long

My Thoughts and Plans for the Future
– My goal is to get over 5,000 unique page views next month. I’m going to have to be creative because doing a little bit more than the same old stuff isn’t going to work. It’s time to think bigger!

Did this help some of you? What tips and tricks do you have?

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