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Key Fashion Pieces

My personal style has been just about the same forever. Thankfully, it evolved into a more chic version when I was in college, but let’s be real – the 2000s were an awful time for fashion anyway. My ridiculously preppy look (popped collars and everything) combined with clothes that didn’t really fit me or look good on me, plus the awful trends from when I was in middle and high school, made for some bad fashion history. Things have evened out a bit now, though, so my style is a sort of preppy-classic look. Here are some fashion pieces that I can’t live without.

(I have these in black, leopard, and purple)

These are just some of my favorite pieces! Follow me on Pinterest to see more of what my style entails.

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  • You know how I feel about Minnie pants…couldn't live without 'em! I wear Minnie pants, or some variation of ponte pants almost every day.

  • Cardigans and black pants/leggings are definitely my staple pieces.

  • LOVE Minnie pants! Thank goodness we've all moved on from popped collars 🙂