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Last Minute Date Idea

Well we’re only 2 days from Valentine’s Day – who knows what they’re doing? And yes, I am also talking to people who don’t have a significant other. These last-minute date ideas are perfect for if you’re looking for something to do with an SO or friends. Because who doesn’t like a girls night out?

1. Go to a museum. Many of them have special events going on for the big day.

2. Find a concert going on, including maybe a local band. You might need to search in uncommon places for this. For example, searing “concerts on 2/14 in [insert your city here]” might not show the local bands playing, or even the up-and-coming artists who announced their concert more recently. Check out the websites of local bars or other concert venues to see if they have anything coming up.

3. Make dinner at home. If you have an SO, then you two can make dinner together, set the table all fancy, light some candles … who needs restaurant prices when you can have a romantic dinner at home? If you’re doing the night with friends, then make it a potluck – maybe even a themed one!

4. Binge watch House of Cards, because it comes out on Valenteine’s Day. House of Cards can be better than a big night out.

5. Movie marathon. Pick a theme! If you’re doing the night with friends, choose if you want to watch all sappy love stories, or horror films, or just goofy comedy films. You could also do that with your SO, or (if you’re feeling all romantic and stuff) watch some classic romantic movies.

6. Picnic in a park or your backyard – I understand that this will really only work if you luck out and don’t have cold weather, but hey, it’s an option.

No matter your plans for Friday – even if your plans are just crashing on the couch, watching the Olympics, and drinking wine – I hope you have a spectacular day. After all, no matter if you like or hate the holiday, it’ll be Friday!

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  • Reply Kiki

    So true no matter how you feel about the holiday its on a Friday! I should probably get to planning something although sitting on the couch drinking wine sounds perfect to me!

    February 12, 2014 at 3:03 pm
  • Reply AJ

    Movie marthons on the way 🙂

    AJ |

    February 12, 2014 at 10:30 pm
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