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Late Fall Fashion Essentials

If there’s one part of fashion I do well, it’s fall fashion. As a born and bred New Englander, I am more used to the colder months than I am the warmer ones. What I consider fall weather lasts from September to (sometimes) December up here. And in New England, the cold weather in general lasts from October to April, and sometimes even May.

So now that we’re in this colder weather, I thought I would share my fashion essentials for this time of year. This post was originally going to be a lot longer, but my arthritis decided to be an asshole yesterday – to the point where I’m not taking the GRE today and I’m supposed to – so this is where we’re at. I’m hoping to do another post about accessories and such in a week or two.

Let me know what your fashion essentials are!

Note – some of the items are actually on sale and cheaper than the price I have listed here.


Fall fashion essentials - Kate the (Almost) Great

Pixie pants: J. Crew ($98) Old Navy ($37)  
V-neck sweater: J. Crew cashmere ($188), J. Crew wool ($80), Target ($15)
Cable knit sweater: J. Crew ($88), Target ($23), Ralph Lauren ($98)
Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie ($65), J. Crew cashmere ($188), J. Crew wool ($85), Target long sleeve ($23), Target boyfriend ($18-25)
Flannel: L.L. Bean ($40), Forever 21 ($20)
VestJ. Crew ($120), Target quilted ($135), Target puffer ($35), Old Navy quilted ($25)

It’s all about the layers! And yes, I wear lots of other clothes for other seasons, especially shirts. But these are the ones that I associate with fall.

What are your fall weather essentials?

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