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Life Lessons from Merlin

Now that I’ve finished rewatching The West Wing for the third time, I’m rewatching Merlin (first time rewatching it, I swear), the British TV show about the great sorcerer Merlin and the rise of King Arthur. With this rewatching, I have some great life lessons that can be learned from it.

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Always be kind to others, even if (especially) they are technically beneath you. In this show, Merlin is Arthur’s servant. Arthur doesn’t always treat him well, and he occasionally learns his lesson.

Merlin and Arthur TV show

You never know what other people’s true strengths are. Merlin has to hide his true magical powers – which are stronger than anyone else’s ever – from everyone. Arthur thinks he is an idiot, weak, incompetent, etc. because Merlin is hiding who he is, even though Merlin saves his life over and over and over again.


Just because something can be evil or bad doesn’t mean it is. Uther Pendragon, the King of Camelot, is against magic because of all the bad it brings. He refuses to see the good it can do, as well. Therefore, he outlaws it and kills people who use it.


Sometimes, the person in position of power doesn’t know what’s best. Arthur may be better than his father, Uther, but he still is a long way off. Neither he nor Uther always know what the best thing is to do – even if they don’t admit it.


You can watch Merlin on Netflix. Thank me later!

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    I love this! I've actually never seen Merlin but I do know the story and I love posts like this. You've inspired me to watch it on Netflix hehehe.

    July 1, 2014 at 5:12 pm
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