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Life Throwing a Lemon Tree

I’ve always had some bad luck. Sometimes so many bad things happened to me that it started to feel ridiculous and I would start laughing.

I had started a post that was supposed to be an example of that. It went into detail over how many bad and ridiculous things happened to me on Friday, but was going to end with me explaining how that I just gave up and started laughing by the time that I got to the end of my day. The post was going to go live today, and included the ridiculously bad luck I had at the DMV on Friday.

But then something bad happened that was too serious for me to really be able to do that. To some of you, this might seem ridiculous that I’m so affected over this, but that’s really your issue and not mine.

I found out yesterday that my beloved dog, Gus, has cancer.

Boston berner
Adult Gus

This five-year-old Berner has been with me through so much. He was my personal therapy dog through 2 surgeries, my RA diagnosis, the years of trying to get a treatment that worked, and 4 chemo treatments. And now I can’t be there for him in his time of need, because he is in Boston and I’m in Nashville.

Pets mean so much more than you can ever imagine, and Gus is a special one at that. He’s only 5 years old, and it hurts my heart.

We don’t know what kind or how severe the cancer is. We were under the impression that the cyst removed from his back a few weeks ago was not a problem, but apparently that was incorrect. Today he sees a specialist to figure all of this out, and I fervently wish that I was in Boston.

berner in the woods
Puppy Gus

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