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My Ideal Bedroom

Like I’ve been mentioning for a while, I desperately want to get my room finally officially finished, decorated, and organized. I moved in back in, oh, July. The state of my room is embarrassing. So, let’s see what I want my room to look like. Using Pinterest, of course.

My TV and entertainment center


I have a (much lower) entertainment “center”/chest that my TV currently sits on. I kind of have things set up like this – with pictures around it – but I have my stuff thrown everywhere on it and I would like to reposition my pictures.



My desk is still sitting, unassembled, in my car. But I have an idea of what I want the desk area to look like. In fact, when I bought the desk, I wrote about how I want to decorate using it.

Bookcase and Knickknacks 

I love how this looks. If only I could organize my loose books and knickknacks like this!


I have a (mini) walk-in closet, and it needs to be emptied and organized. Spring break project, maybe? 
A Little Bit of My Many Homes


I want to do this so badly. Maine (Stetson and Cape Elizabeth), Massachusetts (Boston), and Tennessee (Nashville). This would be great!

I love this bedspread, or at least the navy/white combination. How great is this?
Maybe I’ll make cleaning out/organizing my bedroom my project for spring break. Along with cooler painting, grading, planning, and novel writing. Yikes! Guess I have a lot to do.

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