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My Kids

I’ve had this window open for probably an hour now, and I’ve been staring at the tab saying “Blogger: Kate the (Almost) Great” while going about my other online business.

When you read this, it will be my last day of my first year of teaching. Somehow, I graduated from college over a year ago. Somehow, I survived my first year. Somehow, my students KILLED the state test (I nearly cried whenI got the scores. They were so good.)

I’m having a hard time accepting that this first year is over and I won’t see my students until August, and even then they won’t be mine any more. (But let’s be real – they will always be “my kids.”)

quotes about teachers and students
I have been through a lot this year in all aspects of my life. This past year, I have:
– taken 12 sick days
– had 1 ER trip
– dislocated my knee at least 3 times
– potentially tore my meniscus (finding out for sure on Tuesday)
– had a long-term relationship end
– been horribly and irreversibly betrayed by someone who was my friend for 4 years
– experienced the highest anxiety for a prolonged period of time that I’ve ever dealt with
– felt torn down and like a major failure

This past year, I have:
– showed a student that our school isn’t that bad
– inspired kids to work through difficulties
– taught my students so that they knocked the EOC out of the park (our school went from 13th to 6th in the district for English I scores)
– taught with a dislocated knee and a (most likely) torn meniscus
– been a force to be reckoned with
– stood up for myself
– worked full time and supported myself successfully even though I have a severe autoimmune disease
– been told that I made a difference in a student’s life
– helped students improve their writing
Without a doubt, it has been a difficult year. But as my mother said, I’ll only have one first year of teaching. I have learned a lot, and I have plans to go to trainings and conferences over the summer to learn even more. Learning never ends for all of us. They have learned a lot (whether or not they realize it), and I have, too. 
Great messages from my students
I don’t know what the future holds for me. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to teach full time, let alone work full time. But I do know that I love my job and have made it through the first year.

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