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My Multiple Identities

Everyone has multiple identities, as no one is just son or daughter, employee or employer, etc. I’ve juggled many in my life: daughter, sister, cousin, student, tutor, organization officer, sorority sister, resident adviser, organization member, prom date, girlfriend, friend, and many more, and many of them have overlapped. However, I recently have found myself juggling a few more serious identities than normal.

Currently, I am a daughter, sister, friend, sorority sister, roommate, student teacher, student, author, and handicapped individual. True, some of these names look innocuous. But there’s so much more to each of them.

I’m currently living 21 hours away from where I grew up, and 19 hours away from my parents and sister. It’s harder to be a good daughter and sister when I’m so far away (and so busy – but I’ll get to that in a moment), even with technology. But it’s also hard because I’m so far away from my high school friends. How can I still be a good friend to them when I live in a different state, a different time zone, a different region of the country?

But you know it’s also hard to be a good anything right now because being a student and being a student teacher is taking up my life. I’m only taking 3 classes right now, but I have a combined total of at least 24 hours of work every weekend. One of my professors says that for every credit hour we take, we should have 3 hours of work over the course of the week. This means that over the course of the week I should have 36 hours of homework. Right now, it feels like that’s what I’ve got.

This is an accurate depiction of how I feel
But beyond homework, there’s another issue that affects every other aspect of my life: I’m handicapped. Generally, I don’t say that, because I can still do a lot of things that other people do. But right now, it’s true.
The initial order for my handicapped parking form – and the reason I think I can officially say that I’m handicapped – is my arthritis, which I’ve mentioned before. But unfortunately another concern has toppled that as Supreme Reason for Needing Handicapped Parking: my stupid knee. 
I don’t know what exactly is going on, but it’s make it hard to go places and do things. My placard hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t drive everywhere. So right now, I just sort of hobble, and hope that it gets better soon. I’m wearing a brace, taking prescription anti-inflammatory medication, and elevating when possible. But that doesn’t stop it. Hopefully it will get better soon, but right now I’m just struggling to make all of my other roles come together.
So here’s some advice to you: if your body isn’t working right, how can you? You have to take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise if possible. Your health is so important, and you shouldn’t let the quality of your life slide just because you’re too stubborn to get something checked out or eat your vegetables.
On that cheerful note, have a great rest of your day!

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