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November Blog Traffic Report

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my November traffic. It didn’t change much from October, but I had several guest posts because of my infusion, I had my infusion, I felt horrendous for at least half the month, there was Thanksgiving, and I’m in the middle of finals. So it definitely could have been better, but I kind of expected it to drop due to everything I had going on. And plus, in the middle of the month, I had over 5,000 page views (middle of October to middle of November). But let’s get to the statistics, what I did, and what worked so we can work on getting more blog traffic together.

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Did I Get More Blog Traffic in November?

Traffic Report

Did I Get More Blog Traffic in November?

Current Stats (December 1)

Unique Pageviews: 4502 (+19% from the start, -2.1% from October)

Bounce Rate: 83.08% (-0.8% from the start, +0.1% from October)

Sessions: 3185 (+13.3% from the start, -4.2% from October)

Users: 2614 (+35.8% from the start, -9.6% from October)

Bloglovin: 1556 (+15.6% from the start, +4.5% from October)

Email Subscribers: 75 (started at 0, +29.3%  from October)

Social Media

Facebook: 747 (+24% from the start, +1.6% from October)

Twitter: 1908 (+23% from the start, 5.4% from October)

Instagram: 973 (+142% from the start, +8.1% from October)

Google+: 136 (+61.9% from the start, +2.3% from October)

Pinterest: 1850 (+102% from the start, +9.8% from October)

Tumblr: 3417 (+1% from October)

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Traffic Analysis

What I Did:

  • How I promote my blog posts
  • Added rich pins
  • Changed my Pinterest strategy
  • Updated About page
  • Changed permalink structure for SEO
  • Edited CSS so links are underlined
  • Started scheduling more social shares
  • Made my Snapchat public and started to use it to promote blog posts
  • Using my Instagram to promote blog posts
  • Started to use social media more purposefully, even non-scheduled posts
  • Wrote more shareable posts
  • Facebook ad that actually when through and stayed published
  • Promoted Pin
  • Sponsored Venus Trapped in Mars and Rhyme & Ribbons
  • Giveaway with Letters from Rita and giveaway led by Helene in Between ($130 to Starbucks and it’s still going, by the way!)
  • Made sure that all links are opening in new pages
  • Many more things that I learned from Helene’s Quit Your Job To Blog course. Because she charges for the course, I will not share the specific things I did that I learned from her. That wouldn’t be fair to her or to anyone else who has paid for the course.

What Worked:

  • What I did from the Quit Your Job To Blog course
  • Adjusted social media strategies
  • Facebook ad and promoted pin
  • Writing more shareable posts

I Haven’t Seen Results From:

  • Updating my About page – This is the kind of thing that will hopefully keep new readers coming back, but I may not notice that this page is what made them become regular readers.
  • Making sure all links open in a new page – Well, I’m attempting to, any way. I installed a plug-in that is supposed to do that, but I don’t know if it’s working. If I can get it working, then hopefully my bounce rate will decrease dramatically.
  • Snapchat – A public Snapchat is what all the kids are doing, but since my followers are mostly friends from real life, it may be a while before this helps. (Add me! I’m katebmitchell)

Previous Goals:

Plans and Goals:

  • 1,000 Instagram followers
  • 2,000 Twitter followers
  • 5,000 monthly page views
  • Decrease bounce rate

What helped you get more blog traffic?

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