Graduation Weekend

Like thousands across the country, my younger sister graduated from college this past weekend! It was a jam-packed weekend with a lot of family and a lot of fun.

Graduation 2016


On Friday, the first half of the family got into town. We’re a solid 4 hours away from where most of my family lives (and some are even farther away). Several members of my dad’s family got into town and we had a pizza party to welcome them. It was a nice introduction to the weekend!


Saturday was a much bigger day. In the morning, more people arrived and everyone who was in town so far went on a walking tour of the South End, the neighborhood in which we live. I didn’t join them, since I can’t do a ton of walking, needed to conserve my energy for the rest of the weekend, and had a final paper to work on. In the afternoon, my mom’s family arrived, and we had an impromptu pre-party, so to speak, before heading to Emily’s actual graduation party.


Amuse Bouche lipstick by Bite Beauty in Pepper | Amuse Bouche lipstick by Bite Beauty in Pepper Cardigan | Watch | Similar clutch, similar clutch (I got the original as a gift) | Shoes

KT Tape – a floating kneecap’s best friend

The party was at Stephi’s in Southie, and my cousin and I kept making comments to each other about how bad we felt for the people serving us because our family is large, loud, and outrageous. But we somehow all survived, and it was great for both sides of my family to come together to experience one another and celebrate my sister.

By the way, any of the Stephanie’s restaurants in Boston are great for people with food allergies! I’ve always been a big fan since we moved to Boston, and that continued when I cut out even more food last year. They were given a list of food that I can’t eat – gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and egg, by the way – and someone sat down with me and went over the entrees that would and wouldn’t work. The best thing is that I had more than one or two options, which is what usually happens.


Similar Emily’s earrings, Similar Emily’s earrings


Sunday was actual graduation day! Unfortunately, I woke up and could barely move. I take methotrexate on Sunday nights, so since the previous week’s dose has run out by Sunday morning, my pain is always worse. That plus the craziness of the weekend knocked me out! Luckily, my family was kind enough to send me pictures from the day.


Emily worked incredibly hard for this weekend. She had a difficult program and she not only did, but she also got good grades. AND she did it in 3 years instead of 4! Plus, in a year, she’ll have her master’s in occupational therapy. I couldn’t be prouder of her and how wonderful a person she is. Anyone who has met her knows that she is genuinely the best.



Congratulations to all 2016 graduates!

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  • Reply Van

    woot woot! class of 2016!

    May 17, 2016 at 9:38 am
  • Reply Alyssa Loring

    Congrats to your sister on her graduation!

    Alyssa @ Feathers and Stripes

    May 17, 2016 at 10:22 am
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