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Okay, Class, Settle Down

Alright everyone, let’s get started. The bell ringer is on the board. We’re practicing our commonly confused words today. Take out your notes …
As you know, I’m a 9th grade English teacher. This week, we have focused on commonly confused words. In my adventures in the blogosphere, I have found that some of you make the same mistakes that my students do. I thought this might help y’all, too! No offense is intended at all.
Stationary = lack of movement
Stationery = writing paper
She was so transfixed by the beautiful monogramed stationery that she stood stationary.

Raise = to put something up
Rise = to go up all on its own
She raised a hand to her forehead to block the rays of the rising sun because her Raybans were at the bottom.

Lay = to put something down
Lie = to rest in a flat position
She lay the work aside when she went to lie on the couch.
I hope this helps! Have a great Friday-eve. Oh, and I now have a Facebook page for Kate the (Almost) Great. PLEASE go like it!

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