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On Hillary Clinton Running for President

Yes, dear readers, I know that you are shocked to learn from me that Hillary Clinton is running for president. She announced it on Sunday in a video message that took us all by surprise. Absolutely no one saw this coming.

Now that I have that sarcasm fest out of my system, let’s move on …

1. I’m so ready for a female president, and she actually seems like she could win.

2. She was Secretary of State, a senator, and First Lady, so she could totally do the job.

3. Wait, what does she believe in? Do her beliefs line up with mine?

4. What does she want to do as president? Are those things actually doable or are they just things a candidate says to get elected?

5. “Everyday Americans need a champion.” Well, I do agree with that. It seems like so many candidates try to seem relatable and fail. Middle class Americans tend to be the target of candidate’s attention, but then the candidate shows that they don’t get what life is like for the middle class. Will Hillary be one of them? I mean, she’s been apart from regular Americans for decades because of her and her family’s political presence.

6. The part of her bio that goes over her parents’s background clearly tries to align her with the people she’s trying to govern … and I’ll admit that it’s working.

7. I will admit that her background is even more impressive than I thought.

8. On paper, she seems like an absolutely fantastic potential president. If I lived half a century from now and read about her in my history textbook, she would be my new idol. So why am I so hesitant to jump up and down about her running?

9. Is this internalized misogyny? Is the patriarchy getting me down?! (Horrified screams)

10. No, but seriously, what is Hillary’s platform?

That basically sums up how I feel about Hillary Clinton running for president. I want a female president, but only if that president is right for our country. I love Hillary’s background, but I care more about how she plans to use that to help our future. Based on the current candidates, I would probably vote for her, but I’m not gung-ho about it. I would rather have Hillary Clinton as president than a man who tries to tell reporters how to do their job when he doesn’t like how an interview is going. Last election, it felt like voting for who I disliked the least. I don’t want this one to be the same.

I may be opening a can of worms here, but I’ll ask it all the same: what are your thoughts on Hillary Clinton running for president?

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