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Don’t mind me, I’m just pretty much ready to deck the halls because today marks 5 weeks until Christmas! And since that’s not that far off and Hanukkah is even closer (December 6-14, everyone), it’s time to get the gift guides started. Every Friday from today until Christmas, I’ll be sharing holiday gift ideas around a certain theme. As you can probably tell, today’s is about preppy monogrammed gifts.

Preppy Monogrammed Gifts

We’re starting with monograms because if you want to order something monogrammed in time for it to arrive, you need to order it ASAP. Monogram gifts are great for the prep in your life, the newly married couple, the classic interior designer, and, well, everyone!

There are some stores that specialize in monogramming, there are some that offer it, and there are loads of Etsy shops that specialize in it, as well. Of course, there are also plenty of initial products, where companies make mugs, for example, with an initial on them. These don’t require a time crunch unless they’re sold out of the initial you wanted. But with all others, you need to check and see how long it will take for them to get it to you. Monogrammed products run on a different time table than non-monogrammed ones, especially during the holidays. Stores that specialize in monogrammed – or larger ones like J.Crew that offer the option – don’t always take incredibly long. But a lot of Etsy shops that are run by people who have other full-time jobs can take a while. And when you’re ordering on Etsy, see where the shop owner lives. My mom ordered my monogrammed necklace for me for Easter one year, but she didn’t realize that the shop owner was in Israel. It took so long for me to get the necklace because a) monogramming, b) coming from across the world, and c) customs. Just keep all this in mind if you’re working on a time crunch! Without further ado …

The Best Preppy Monogrammed Gifts This Holiday Season

Preppy Monogrammed Gifts*the sweater in this image isn’t monogrammed, but J.Crew offers an extensive monogram shop
where you can get something similar

Monogram Necklace | Marley Lilly Monogram Pullover Sweatshirt | Bauble Bar Monogram Bracelet | Mark & Graham Monogram Bag | Marley Lilly Monogram Baseball Hat |
Mark & Graham Monogram Cufflinks | J.Crew Monogrammed Sweater

Monogrammed Sweatshirt


Yes, I’m aware that I’ve used this image twice this week. But I had to show off this sweatshirt! Marley Lilly sent it to me last year to review and it’s still one of my favorites. I’m not being paid to mention it – I really do love it. Marley Lilly is great because they have anything your preppy little monogrammed obsessed heart could desire.

Preppy Monogrammed Gifts

Anthropologie Gold Initial Mug | Williams-Sonoma Initial Towels | Monogrammed Keychain | Monogram Vinyl Decal Sticker | Pottery Barn Monogram Pillow | Monogrammed Cup


Stores That Monogram:

J.Crew Monogrammed Shop | Pottery Barn | Williams-Sonoma | Brooks Brothers | Moon and Lola

Marley Lilly – monogramming is their whole thing!

Who else loves monogramming?

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