Reverse Bucket List

As a society, we tend to look forward and constantly think about what’s next. this can be a good thing, but we should also look at what we have already accomplished. This is especially true for those of us with mental illness; my anxiety has me worried about the future when I should appreciate how far I have come.So today I’m sharing my reverse bucket list, aka what I have achieved.

My Reverse Bucket List

1. Graduated from a Top 20 school (Vanderbilt) in 4 years despite a large number of health issues.

2. Wrote a novel while a high school student and while applying to colleges.

3. Self-published the novel while a college student without letting my grades decreased because of it.

4. Got into graduate school and received a scholarship while living with extreme pain.

5. Taught high school.

6. Lived through depression.

What things have you accomplished?

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