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Self-Publishing Sunday {Week 9}: Reviews

It’s Self-Publishing Sunday time, and this week we’re talking book reviews. This post should be a bit shorter than some of the others. Also, I’m starting to compile questions to do another Q&A post, so send me questions in the comments, via email, or via Twitter with #spsquestions.

book reviews and self publishing

Now we all know what book reviews are. That’s not a question today. The issues we’re talking about are (1) how important they are, (2) where to get them, (3) what to do with them.

Why are they important?

1. Reviews are your way of telling people, “My book is good, but don’t take my word for it!”
2. Many people who are on the fence about your book will look at reviews to help make their final decision.
3. They can be a great way to gain exposure, especially if the review is on a blog/website that reaches out to people who you may not have reached out to yet.
4. If someone (newspaper, blog, website, whatever) is looking for an author/book to promote, they’ll look at the reviews.

Where can you get them?

The obvious answer is by asking friends and family who have read your book to write a review. These reviews should go on the Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads pages for your book.

But you should also get book reviews by reaching out to reviewers (like bloggers). Send them free copies of your book in exchange for a review. Understand – and make it clear – that you want an honest review. This may mean that there are elements of it that you’re unhappy with. However, no one writes a perfect book. Every single book out there will cause someone to be unhappy. It is abnormal for there to be 50 reviews completely 100% happy with your book.

Tl;dr – ask people you know to read and review, ask people you don’t know to read and review, basically just ask everyone to read and review

What can you do with them?

Reviews are great for lots of things!

1. Getting people to read your book
2. Proving that your book is awesome
3. Advertising – social media posts, book announcements, etc.

Any questions? Send em to me! Next week will be about giveaways, and the week after that will be the second Q&A post.

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