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Sick Day Necessities

Whenever I write my posts, they are usually done a day or two (or three) in advance because of my busy schedule. I always write them as though it is the day they are posted, though, because that would get confusing. Sometimes it happens that what I post doesn’t exactly apply when it goes live.
Take yesterday’s post, for example. What I wrote about the weekend was still true, but I also talked about how my Monday morning was a bit easier because of my upcoming break. Yes, my break is still happening on the same day. However, my Monday got thrown off because I came down with strep throat and didn’t go into work yesterday. (As I type this Monday night, I’m still hoping that I’ll be able to go in on Tuesday. With the end of the quarter being this week, my students really need me to be there in person.)
This inspired me to write about what I need for a “successful” sick day.

Pants appropriate for the doctor’s office but still extremely comfortable
A pretty mug for coffee and cheering up (I wish I had this Tiffany’s one)
A candle to relax you so you can rest
Sunglasses to hide the lack of makeup/sleep
Soy vanilla bean frappaccuino – the closest I can get to a milkshake without making one at home
A good movie to watch
What do you need for your sick days?

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