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Spending Freeze

Good morning, happy Monday, I hope you’ve had your coffee! I’m lucky enough to be on another week of vacation, and I plan on taking advantage of every one.

Of course, I mean doing very little over the next week. I have a couple of goals: finish my grading from 3rd quarter, get to 40,000ish words in the new novel, do some freelance writing/editing, and release a big surprise on here on Friday.

However, that’s probably going to be about all that I’ll be doing. I’ll do some work with some friends, watch some movies with them, just hang out. But that’s all I can do. Last week, I got a flat tire and ended up having buy 2 new tires. That put me out of a whole bunch of money, and since I haven’t gotten my income tax yet, I have very, very little money until I get paid on Friday.

I’ve also decided to go on a spending freeze. I pulled out this great financial planning Maybook that I ordered back in May of last year, used once, and promptly forgot about. Well, guess what’s going to be used all the flipping time now?

The plan is that I get to do one fun thing that costs money a week and that’s basically it. I have all of my bills and expenses planned out for the coming month, including saving and debt paying to cover said tire expenses. It will be difficult, but it’s necessary. I might have to do this for the month of May, too, but we shall see.

Anyone have any tips or tricks for cutting back on spending?

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