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Spoonie Spotlight: Jess

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re all having a good weekend. Today’s feature on Spoonie Spotlight is Jess Cochran! Spoonie Spotlight is my way to use my platform to share the stories of others living with arthritis or an arthritis-related condition. The point is to share the realities of living with arthritis and to make others’ voices heard. (New posts every 2 weeks.) If you would like to participate, fill out the form!

Spoonie Spotlight

What’s your diagnosis?

Psoriatic Arthritis

When were you diagnosed?


How long have you had symptoms?

Since 2006 but have other conditions

Have you been limited in any way from your illness? If so, how?

Most definitely; I use a walker at home and wheelchair out of home and require full time care with ADLs

What’s your story?

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2013 after many years of horrendous pain, clicks, grinds, sleepless nights and tears. So far the journey still has a long way to go as I have been fully resistant to every medication thrown my way and the only two things that seem to give the slightest relief are ketamine infusions and Methotrexate injections. As a 24 year old who loved my blossoming nursing career and the prospect of children, these two things along with permanent wheels to help me get around….well that was a hard pill to swallow!

How has your illness changed your life?

In so many ways, more than I ever knew possible.

Jess - Spoonie Spotlight

What are your goals for the future? (Not related to your health)

I have discovered artistic modeling which has been a major positive “fighting force” in my life. I also want to have children because that has been something I know I am made for. And just some sort of inspirational career where I can touch the hearts of others, and hopefully go and volunteer overseas too!

What are your goals for the future? (Health related)

Get well enough to have children, to work a little and to be able to get out there and enjoy every moment life has to offer!!!

Do you consider yourself handicapped or disabled? Why or why not?

Haha funny question…you want to know why? I don’t consider myself disabled as such I write that I’m disABLED!

What would you like readers to take from your experience?

Anything is possible, these struggles are here for a reason though it does take a lot of time and patience to see why, hold on and be strong, there are people out there just as cooky as you looking for a fellow fighter to stand strong with….we are here!

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